Broseley Fires Limited

Sales Policy

Cast Iron Stoves & Fires - Wood burning, Multifuel, Gas and Electric

It is our policy at Broseley Fires Ltd that our products are supplied with all the necessary care, which is so essential in our industry.

All of our products are sold through local retailers, our online store locator will direct you to your nearest retailer.

We wish all our customers to receive the appropriate advice, pre-sales visits, installation, servicing and warranty support as part of the complete Broseley Fires Ltd package. This service only comes from direct stockist sales, which we believe is essential to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

For this reason, we do not recommend that you purchase our appliances outside of your local area.

We would like to thank you for choosing Broseley Fires products.

Please note: Broseley Fires Ltd reserves the right to alter design and specification without prior notice.  Please also note that colours may differ slightly from those shown in the stove images. Due to photographic limitations flame effects on our stove images are super-imposed and are not a true representation of the final installation, we recommend that you view your chosen product prior to purchase.

Online Sales

You may have come across our products for sale on the internet, but we recommend that you purchase our products from your local stockist who will offer you a complete service rather than buying online. However should you insist on purchasing online, we recommend that you only buy from a Broseley authorised stockists. Please see our full sales policy.


Please note there are numerous internet traders who falsely claim to be authorised Broseley dealers.   We recommend that you contact us should you have any doubts or concerns over online stockists. As with any internet purchase, you need to be sure that the site in question is reputable and genuine and that the product which is being offered is a genuine Broseley stove which has been CE tested.  If the site has no contact information, has no landline number (or only a free phone number) or has no physical address, we advise that you err on the side of caution and contact us before any monies are exchanged.

From an installation point of view, we highly recommend that a site survey is carried out by a qualified engineer. This will ensure you are informed in advance of all the peripheral items which will be needed to complete your installation (flue pipe, cowls etc).

If you are planning to install a multifuel or wood burning appliance, we strongly recommend the use of HETAS approved engineers. HETAS engineers can carry out a detailed site survey prior to installation; a heat loss calculation can also be performed ensuring that you know your property's individual heating requirements.  A survey and heat loss calculation will give peace of mind that the appliance you buy will meet your requirements.  If you buy the wrong stove because you have not had this survey carried out, it could be a very expensive mistake!
Please visit the HETAS website where you can search for a local engineer.

We understand the importance of home heating systems and the day to day practical issues which arise from using them; for this reason we again recommend that you use a local supplier. Your local supplier will be able to advise you on all aspects of the product including operation, maintenance, cleaning, servicing and in the case of multifuel and wood burning appliances, which fuels to use.

For your convenience we have developed our store locator. This will direct you towards your nearest local Broseley dealer.