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Double Celebrations Following DEFRA Approval for Boiler and Cookers

Broseley has scored another first by securing DEFRA approval for two class-leading products and we understand that our Thermo Suprema boiler is the first of its kind to meet regulations allowing wood burning in smoke control zones.


Our Italy range of cookers have also been approved by DEFRA as the increasing cost of fossil fuels such as oil and gas - together with a greater awareness of environmental issues - has led to an increase in demand for wood burning cookers, stoves and boilers.

To meet this demand manufacturers have been striving to bring new products to the market that meet regulations aimed at preventing air pollution. However, until now, the complexities of combining a wood fuelled cooker and boiler that meets with DEFRA approval has eluded them.
What really makes the Thermo Suprema unique, is that it is the first approved cooker boiler in the UK and it also incorporates our Safety Cold Water System (SCWS), allowing it to be installed on an existing sealed system.
As a result it is easier to install and can work seamlessly with other energy efficient heating systems such as solar panels.
Meanwhile the Italy cookers benefit from all the eco-features you would expect from a market leader in wood burning technology but in a contemporary style suitable for the most modern home.



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