After the overwhelming excitement and joy of the festive season, even the most upbeat of us may feel a little low during the following month. Known to many as “The January Blues”, this feeling can be hard to kick. Why not try some of our tips to banish those blues and warm your heart this cold month


  1. Make reachable goals



As the eye-rolling saying goes “New Year, New You!” Yes, this must be the most common phrase to be uttered in the primary month. As the sales of exercise equipment and diet foods rocket, unnecessary items are splurged on only to be banished to the back of the cupboard and almost everyone is trying to make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Some of these well intended goals may be too optimistic to reach – did you really thing you could learn mountain climbing in a month? This year, why not take the term lightly and set goals that are more realistic, that way you can enjoy the satisfaction of achievement and save yourself some pennies.


  1. Exercise


Sigh, we’re sorry to have to say it but exercise is another wonderful way of lifting spirits. Scientifically proven to boost endorphins – thus improving your mood, regular exercise can also help improve your night’s sleep (we knew you would like that bit)! Yes, there any many benefits to exercise and plenty of options to pursue, why not give it a try? Just make sure to wrap up warm and when you return, rest your feet in front of the fire – you earned it!


  1. Enjoy some family time


Christmas is a wonderful time for family; why not continue to mimic this with a family games night? Gather round in front of the fire and enjoy some competitive fun and laughs as you feel the warmth of the flickering flames. Family fun is sure to warm your heart, but remember – if you take out the Monopoly, you may be in for more heat than you intended!


  1. Do some re-decorating



















That room you wanted to brighten, those pillows that had become worn – whether you’re re-decorating, replacing or simply shifting some furniture, making changes to your home is sure to make changes to your mood. Why not consider enhancing your décor and lifestyle completely?


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 5. Plan a holiday

















Finally, the best way to boost morale is of course to have something to look forward to. Even if the festive season has left your funds running low, there is no harm in window shopping for this year’s vacation! With so many things to decide, it’s best to start early; will you be sunning it up on a beach, skiing through the snow – or taking a good old fashioned UK break? The possibilities are endless so why not start making some lists of ideas and browse around online. Show your family and get excited – you have lots to look forward to in 2018!