As the night’s turn lighter and we can once again enjoy the warm licks of sunlight, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your home with lighter colours and décor to reflect the wholesome season of spring. As the flowers that limped throughout winter sprout brand new petals, there are plenty of spring inspired colours to choose from to help our homes flourish and bloom.

From the brights of the sunflowers to the pastels of baby lavender blowing softly in the wind, Spring offers up plenty of natural inspiration– but should you go all out with bright hues or mimic the relaxed atmosphere of Spring with lighter, more tranquil pastel shades?


Often used to decorate the rooms of newborn’s, pastel colours are a soothing colour group and the perfect metaphor for the rebirth of our homes during Spring. From fresh mint to duck egg, muted lemon and of course baby pink, pastel colours certainly give your home a fresh new beginning.

You will often find pastel colours in the depths of country homes, farmhouses and cottages, however pastel colours have recently been given a modern twist and seen to be paired with metal accents such as baby pink with rose gold, duck egg blue with rustic silver and light teal with glamorous gold, of course you don’t have to modernise.


During the Spring, nature is all around us and we love the idea of bringing it into the home. Rabbit’s aren’t just for Easter as this quirky print by Claire Baird shows. With fine lines and grey water colours, this minimalistic canvas makes a bold statement.

Check pillows from IKEA add a country feel, further enhanced by this duck ornament from Dunelm Mill which would look delightful stood next to the hearth or even perched on the mantel. Shown here framing the Canterbury Electric is the Micro Marble Odella Inglenook in White from Elgin & Hall which looks perfect with the pastel colours contrasting the traditional stove and showing brickwork. Finally, a must-have for Spring 2018, this floral wreath from Dunelm Mill completes the look.


Bright colours may often be associated with summer and garden parties, but they are certainly a huge part of Spring also! In particular, bright yellows and zesty limes are sure to wake up your home and pairing them with clashing colours will only further the excitement as we roll into warmer months.

Geometric patterns are still a huge trend and look amazing in bright colours. This wallpaper from in the pattern “Windsor Diamond” adds a Moroccan feel with blurred lines that are sure to impress, especially when paired with a bright painting like this Marena Wall Art by Surya. Outdoor decorations like this IKEA lantern can be enjoyed inside when going for a modern eclectic feel and this blue candle holder from IKEA and green teapot from Teaz only enhance the quirky style – who said bright colours need to match? Spring is a time to experiment.

Make a fresh start

Either theme of pastels or brights will look fantastic in your home. Pastel colours will give your interior a clean, fresh start and is simpler to add to as well as easier on the eyes if you want your home to be a place of relaxation. Bright colours will awaken your home, perfect for those who enjoy creativity and appreciate bold patterns and hues, bright colours will transform your home, especially when they clash!