Here at Broseley Fires, we design and manufacture a range of quality multifuel stoves to suit all interiors. A multifuel stove is a desirable investment for the home and a considered purchase so we’ve compiled a list of benefits to help you decide if a multifuel stove is right for you.

  • Multiple Fuel Options

As the name suggests, a multifuel stove allows multiple choices of fuel to generate the heat needed in your home. Not only can you burn wood logs, but also smokeless fuels and eco-friendly solid fuels which are approved for use in smoke controlled areas. Our multifuel stoves are designed and constructed in such a way that allows for various types of fuels to burn efficiently with maximum heat output.

  • Debris-Free

Multifuel stoves have a convenient built-in ash pan beneath the grate that collects all the debris and ash, allowing for an easy and safe removal. This ensures the longevity of the stove by keeping it debris free and maintains the functionality of the stove.

  • Independent Heat Source

A key benefit of a multifuel stove is that they are not reliant on any external power source; therefore should you ever find yourself in a situation of a power cut during colder months, you can keep your home warm without the need for electricity.

  • Energy Efficiency

Once your multifuel stove is installed, there are no ongoing costs associated with using it other than the fuel you purchase to burn. This allows for efficient heating and a cost saving on your energy bills.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Multifuel stoves have been a popular choice for heating the home for decades and they truly stand the test of time. The options for aesthetics can vary from overtly traditional to comfortably contemporary so they can suit any interior.

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