10 reasons to choose electric

If you’re in the process of buying a new stove and not quite sure which fuel meets your needs,
take a look at our top 10 tips for choosing electric:

  1. Virtually no installation cost – simply plug in and switch on

  2. Instant heat – the on/off button is all it takes to start giving out warmth

  3. 100% efficient – the heat can’t be lost up the chimney so stays within the room keeping you cosy

  4. Realistic flame effect – generally created from ribbons to give that flickering appearance.
    This consumes very little energy whilst still giving a cosy warm feel

  5. Very easy to move around the home depending on which room you prefer

  6. Heat output is a lovely 1kW – 2kW, just the right amount to give your room a comfortable ambience

  7. Includes variable heat/flame only settings to suit your needs

  8. Cost effective – generally electric costs far less to run than other fuels such as wood, coal or gas

  9. Sense of style – we offer a variety of styles to suit the more traditional home to a more modern
    choice of décor

  10. Easy to maintain – whilst it is always important to regular clean your stove, this will be easier and less costly than gas or multifuel stoves

Hereford 7 Electric

Hereford 7 electric


Desire inset electric stove


Canterbury electric stove


Electric stove controls

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