Polar Neo Aqua | Woodburning Boiler Stove
Rota Tre | Woodburning Stove
Rota | Woodburning Stove
Justus Mino Top | Woodburning Stove

Broseley and Evolution are proud to introduce the stylish and high quality range of cylindrical stoves by Oranier to the UK.

Oranier are a German stove manufacture, who have spent the last 400 years specialising in woodburning technology to bring style and warmth to your home as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Collaboration with Broseley’s technical team has allowed for the Oranier products to become more UK friendly than ever before, boasting such features as DEFRA approval, 5kW nominal outputs and EcoDesign 2022 Ready compliance.

The Oranier Rota and Rota Tre provide up to 80% energy efficiency with a 5kW heat output to gently warm the room. These sleek woodburning stoves include integrated air flow controls, airwash technology to keep the large portrait viewing window clean and a self-closing firebox door. For added ambience the Oranier Rota Tre has a 180 degree view of the stunning flame effect through 3 glass sides. The optional Soapstone, Clear Glass or Black Steel Top allows further choice to customise the design.

For a powerful woodburning boiler stove, the highly efficient Oranier Polar Neo Aqua gives out up to 10kW heat (4kW room & 6kW water); the integrated water heat exchanger allows a portion of the thermal power produced to go to the central heating system. The air flow controls are incorporated into the stove body and the self-closing locking system door gives a flush finish. The firebox lining has vermiculite components which provide the required turbulence for clean combustion.

The Justus Mino Top 5kW woodburning stove comes complete with integrated log store and the benefit of airwash technology; a deliberately conducted airflow to prevent condensation and deposition of flue gases at the inside of the glass to keep it clear.

The air circulation through the ergonomically shaped handle of the Oranier Polar Neo Aqua and the Justus Mino Top ensures the temperature on the surface is largely reduced and cool to touch.

With such a unique offering these modern, cylindrical stoves are sure to be a popular addition to the Broseley and Evolution product range as heating season fast approaches.

Broseley added: “We’re delighted to work in partnership with Oranier to bring a stylish and contemporary range of stoves to the UK market”.

The brand new Oranier stoves are available now. Please contact your regional sales manager for more information and to place an order.