You may be surprised to know that Spring / Summer is the perfect time to be thinking about your stove. Whilst you may not have any plans to use your stove for a few more months, now is the time to make sure your stove is maintained, repaired or if needs be replaced for an Eco Friendly model.

Firstly, when your stove is completely cooled, remove all of the ash using a vacuum for the finer dust. Check your firebricks for any broken or damaged ones and replace as necessary. Ensure you check the door and the door rope in particular, as this tends to become worn over time and impacts on the performance of the stove.

You should have your chimney swept on a regular basis during the months of using your stove, however it’s also a good idea to have your chimney swept before the months of non-use so that any debris sitting in the flue is not left over the summer to cause an issue when you did want to fire it up again.


If you’ve been thinking about replacing your stove – now is the perfect time.


Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions and will be in force in the UK from 2022. We are already manufacturing stoves that will comply with these new regulations, such as the Ignite and Desire Widescreen (woodburning) stoves and the Rota, Rota Tre and Polar Neo Aqua stoves.

Ecodesign stoves are designed to burn at higher levels in the fire box, which greatly reduces the organic particles that are normally released from a multifuel stove. This in turn significantly reduces the level of emissions and has a positive impact on carbon reduction.


Whatever your plans are for your stove, utilising the quieter, warmer months will help to ensure you are winter ready when the time comes.