Hereford 5 SE Widescreen Multifuel Stove

The Eco Design Compliant Hereford 5 Widescreen offers the larger viewing window from the Hereford 7, and has the added benefit of producing 5kW of heat. This is the perfect choice if you need a larger stove but do not require a high heat output. Built in the UK with a cast iron door [...]

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Hotspur 9 Woodburning Stove

With a powerful heat output of 9kW, the all-steel Hotspur 9 woodburning stove has ample capacity to heat a large open plan room. The full length Chrome handle adds a distinctive design and the large viewing window allows the flames to be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa. Its exceptional efficiency rating of [...]

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Hotspur 5 Woodburning Stove

Delightfully contemporary in style the Hotspur 5 woodburning stove in Matt Black features a large viewing window and full length Chrome handle. With advanced heating performance, the 5kW output will circulate generous warmth around a small to medium sized room. Boasting up to 82% efficiency when burning wood, this all-steel stove is EcoDesign Ready [...]

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Hereford LPG Stove

Built from steel with a Matt Black finish cast iron door, the HEREFORD LPG is a striking addition to the Broseley range. With a large panoramic window and realistic log bed your room will be brought to life by the mesmerising flames. Large panoramic window with realistic log bed Steel body and [...]

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Canterbury Gas Stove

Elegance crafted into cast iron, that’s the CANTERBURY. Choose lattice or arched patterns under the wide curve of the window, or you can opt for plain glass enabling you to enjoy the full panorama of flames dancing on coals. Today’s housing interiors demand slimline appliances and the CANTERBURY complies beautifully. Its proportions allow it [...]

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Serrano 5 SE Multifuel Stove

With an output of 5kW and the infinitely adaptable looks which characterise the whole Serrano range, the SERRANO 5 SE has the power to transform the look and feel of rooms in the size and style of house where most of us live. You can see why it’s a favourite. Cast Iron construction in Matt Black [...]

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Hereford 7 SE Multifuel Stove

The British manufactured HEREFORD 7 SE is an impressive stove designed with clean lines and bold detailing, with the potential to create a unique centrepiece in any living space. Enjoy the flames to the full through the broad arched window of the cast door. Steel body with cast door Choice of top [...]

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Hereford 5 SE Multifuel Stove

Its sleek steel body with cast door and arched window allows the HEREFORD 5 SE to sit comfortably in settings and spaces with an eclectic mix of old and new. With strength and elegance, the panoramic flame picture of this British built stove radiates a cosy ambience for you to enjoy. Steel body with cast door Choice [...]

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