Before you buy
your stove

Before purchasing your new Broseley stove, we advise that you complete a site survey from a a qualified, HETAs registered installer to establish the stove’s suitability to your home.

You can arrange this by visiting your
local Broseley retailer.

What you need to know
about smoke controlled areas

Another important reason to consider a site survey is to identify the most suitable stove for the location of your home. Some areas of the country are designated as Smoke Control Areas. Here you can only use solid fuel heating appliances which have passed the tests set by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, DEFRA.
If you plan to invest in a solid fuel appliance, you may need to investigate whether you live in this area.

Your Broseley retailer will be able to identify this during the site survey and will ensure that they provide you with the appropriate stove for the area.

Your site survey

During a site survey, your Broseley retailer will discuss your requirements, taking into consideration the appropriate heat output for the room, the relevant location within the house and the most suitable flue system for your stove. If the installation is new, the site survey will identify the requirements for the hearth, flue system, ventilation and clearances to any combustible materials to maintain safe use. The site survey will allow your Broseley retailer to provide you with a comprehensive quotation of the cost of supplying and fitting your appliance, consequently avoiding any unexpected expense.

your stove?

If you are in the process of replacing an existing appliance, the site survey will recognise the requirements of the Building Regulations and recommend any changes that should be made in order to comply.